Available Lots

There are several lots currently available at the Ranch; some are vacant and some have trailers available.

If you’d like to join “Our Little Piece of Heaven”, or if you’re already a member and wanting to move, please see our ‘Available Lots‘ page!

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The 2015 Season Is Well Under Way

After a heavy winter the Ranch season was a little later than is often the case to start, but now summer is well and truly under way! It’s always a relief to be back in our Little Piece of Heaven for another season.

Please watch for some updates coming soon to the website; they’re a little late in coming but I’m getting there. Thanks in the meantime to Barry Tripp for all the work he did to date as the PR and website guy – much appreciated.

See you all soon!


New(ish) Ranch PR Guy

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Welcome to the 2014 Fall Season

The 2014 Annual Fall Membership meeting has now been completed.  Your new Board of Directors has been elected.  This information has been posted in the Members section.

The October 2014 Thanksgiving Bulletin can be viewed here:


Power To The People

A special thanks to our very own Power Rangers, Tom Sziklasi, Gary Morton and Wylie Forster and all of the other volunteers who were instrumental in the successful completion of this huge Harmony Ranch power infrastructure modernization project.


Barry Tripp

Marketing & Public Relations Guy
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