HR Lots Available

Lots with trailers on site

The following lots with trailers for sale are currently available at Harmony Ranch:

Lot 35 - for sale!

Lot 35 – for sale!

Lot 35 in Wildwood: interested? Contact Graham Thornton 416-902-4826 or This is a well maintained lot and trailer with a recently replaced roof over both the trailer and sun room.  There is also a large storage shed and large patio stone sitting area behind the trailer.



Lot #47 in Wildwood: Details coming soon!


Lot 82 for sale!

Lot 82 for sale!

Lot 82 in Riverside: interested? Contact Ken Hincks 519-323-2784 or Lot 82 has an older trailer with a new roof that would make a super starter. From double bedroom at the back, past a full bathroom to the living room and kitchen at the front, the trailer has a lovely add-a-room with decks overlooking Harmony Pond on one side and Riverside circle for a quiet read. 483sq ft is the size of a large downtown condo! $4900.

Lot 100 - for sale!

Lot 100 – for sale!

Lot 100 in Harmony Lane: contact Carol Mallett 416 873-7382 or – NEW LISTING. A 4 season Northlander Meadowbrook with steel roof. Queen bed at the back, full bath, full eat-in kitchen, den at the front (2nd bed easily). It had a brand new propane water heater last season. Covered deck and shed/contents included. $28,000 – very gently used, no smokers, no pets in the last 10+ years and before that just one non shedding cat. 1996 Northlander Meadowbrook, one owner, never moved. Flyer available from Carol.


Vacant Lots

The following VACANT lots are available to make your own, whether you are a camper or prefer to bring in your own trailer.

SingSing: Lot 11

Rosedale: Lot 30

Wildwood: Lots 39 and 45

The PITS: Lot 65

Gross Pointe: Lot 69

Riverside: Lots 94 and 95

Interested or want more information on Vacant Lots or on Joining the HR family? Please Contact our PR Chair or HR Secretary or our Treasurer.

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