Another stunning season at the ranch comes to an end

Today’s the day that the water is turned off at the ranch, and many of us have cleared out our trailers for the winter ahead.

But what a terrific summer we had — many hot days spent enjoying the woods, having barbecues, or just lounging by the pool. At night, cooling breezes, roaring fires, sweet singing (or so I heard), some guitar playing, and a few lovely beverages consumed. There was also the International webcast from Orlando, Florida, with three quartets and a chorus to cheer on.


The final General Meeting was held on Sunday, with Chairman Wally presiding. He thanked everyone for pitching in to help throughout the season, and the board for 2019 was voted in by all those present (details to follow).


There are still a few empty lots in our little piece of heaven — be sure to mention that to barbershoppers you know. And see you all in the Spring!

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2019 / Water’s on!

I just heard from Hayley Sziklasi that the water is on up at Harmony Ranch. Let the 2019 season of fun and fellowship begin!

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Ranch Season 2018 has begun!

Water On 2018

Those immortal words — “the water is on” — were uttered this past week, despite the fact there’s still some ice on the ground up at the Ranch. That officially means the start of Ranch Season!

The warmer weather this past week definitely helped, although this weekend’s low temps (down to -6C overnight) don’t make for the most inviting Ranch weather. That said, temps in the 20s next week should make for a better ‘welcome’.

It’s still pretty soggy around the park, so be sure to bring your wellies and a change of clothes or five… Other than that, here’s to a great 2018 season.

See you all soon!


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Winter’s Nearly Over (and the 2018 Season’s close…)

It’s been a long, cold and long (and cold) winter, but spring is upon us. Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll be hearing those two incredible words, “water’s on” which will really signal the end of winter. Who needs a groundhog when we’ve got grounds staff?

Keep a look out for more details in the coming weeks, and get ready to bring all your gear back up to the Ranch!

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And we’re off… (the 2017 season has started, that is!)

The 2017 season has started - Harmony Ranch is open!

The announcement just came in… the water’s on! Let’s kick off the 2017 season – it’s going to be grrrrrrreat!!

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Fire ban lifted

The fire ban was lifted a couple of weeks ago (as per the member notice board) following some good rainfall. Thanks for bearing with us during the ban! ­čÖé

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Water and fire ban

Effectively immediately and until further notice we have opted to ban all fires/open flames at the Ranch due to the unseasonably dry weather we’re having. We are also asking all members/guests/visitors to try to conserve water as much as possible.

Water Conservation

The lack of rain throughout June (it’s been the driest on record in over 4 decades) and our water usage mean that our main well is struggling to keep up. According to our awesome Ranch staff,┬áthe well is holding its own but especially during weekends we are using water more quickly than it can refill.

As such, we are asking that until further notice all members do as much as possible to conserve water where you can.

Fire Ban

At the Ranch Board meeting on Saturday 25th June we decided it was in our best interests to temporarily ban open fires, including things like chimineas.

We appreciate that there is not a regional fire ban in place but the lack of rain and our sandy soil mean that our grass and trees are already very dry. Combined with the water issues mentioned above, we are concerned that in the event of a fire we could dry the well completely and not be able to put out the fire. To put it simply, as much as we all want fires they’re just not worth the risk right now.

As soon as our┬áRanch staff team advises that we’re safe to have fires again (probably after some decent rain to top up the aquifers and to help alleviate┬áthe dryness of the grounds, the ban will be rescinded.

We do appreciate that this impacts many of you, but hope that you understand our concerns and the need to protect the Ranch. In the meantime, we’ll all have to find┬ámore creative ways to gather to sing!

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