Gentlemen of the Black River Chorus!


I just wanted to send out a quick note to say a BIG THANKS to all of you who took part in the Black River chorus this past Saturday night!  What a great night (and weekend) it was. Seeing so many members, friends and past members there was something special!! Lots of great acts and performances is something HR always does so well. Congrats to the organizers and to everyone who helped out to make this show and evening spectacular! 

I was very excited to see how many guys we ended up with on the risers (grass and stage [flatbed]) Even thought there were limited rehearsals (2) you guys were amazing!  Thanks again for allowing me to stand in front of you all…it was a real pleasure!  I also would like to extend thanks to Jordan Travis who took one of the rehearsals  while I was at a wedding…we missed you up there Jordan!  And to Chris Arnold (former HR member) for donating the learning tracks for When I Lift Up My head!! Two great guys helping out when needed!!  Thanks Guys!!!  

I can’t wait for the 50th anniversary and how big the Black River Chorus will be by then!  Have a great summer everyone and THANKS AGAIN!! 

In Harmony 

Rob Snoulten

Lot 44, Wildwood

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Wildwood 2013 Strawberry Social Information

Click here for the 2013 Strawberry Social pictures from Saturday June 29, 2013

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Empty Harmony Ranch Lots Available Now!!!

Empty lots available! – Come and set up camp your way!

Lot 56 in the P.I.T.S – open lot in the quieter back-40, grassy with fields behind.

Lot 95, Riverside – open lot, grassy, pretty front view into the circle

Lot 98, Riverside – open lot, shaded, feels huge as it abuts common wooded area.

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Black River Chorus

Hello everyone from our beloved Harmony Ranch!

As a “Harmony Ranch Brat” I have seen this place grow and grow and feel VERY privileged to have been here since it’s inception in 1973!!  (I was 2 years old! J)

I have also seen many, many people come and go over the years, and many different events created by very creative people. One thing that has been pretty consistent during the life of Harmony Ranch is the Black River Chorus! And this year (our 40th) will be no different.

I have been asked to Direct this years chorus during our big 40th anniversary weekend of Aug 3-4-5, and felt it was not only an opportunity to good to pass up!  But an honor and privilege to do so in front of so many great men! I thank the committee for this opportunity!

Now on to the fun stuff!  Right now I’m not exactly sure, at this time, the logistics of the event and how many songs we’ll be singing, but with so many great singers and choruses represented at HR, I think we can come up with some great fun songs to mark this special occasion!  There will be emails sent out in the coming weeks in regards to the songs, music and possible learning tracks. How to access them and where to find them will also be sent out.

I know there are a few of you out there who have done this job before, and some who have been the “Music ordering” guy(s) , so if anyone out there could let me know what songs we “own” the rights for, and or what learning tracks we may have, that would help a great deal! I will be asking for some help in regards to logistics, music distribution and other stuff I’m sure, so if you are interested, please let me know!  Let’s make this something to remember!  You can reach me at the email below.

I really hope we can get this chorus to be the biggest Black River Chorus ever, and really make this the best anniversary gift to all involved!  After all, this place was built on harmony and friendship…and what better way to show that,  through the barbershop style and RINGING THOSE CHORDS!!

Thanks everyone in advance for your support. This is going to be FUN!!!!

In Harmony!,

Click here for a special Black River Chorus page has been set up here in the Member section.



Rob Snoulten
Sales Consultant
McKenzie Trailers
2 Cardico Dr, Gormley ON
905-888-8080 ext 226
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Member Action Item: Trailer Power Connection Requirements

As requested in my Yahoo email to all Ranchers, please reply to me with your outlet choice as soon as you know it, especially those of you on lots #82 through to #116.  Please consider volunteering your time for the work parties.  Reply to Gary with your intent to help and be as detailed as possible regarding your availability.  You can combine your reply in a single email to Gary and me if you wish.  Please do not use Reply All.  We don’t want you to SPAM everyone on the Ranch Yahoo list. Thanks again for your help with this project!

Tom Sziklasi, on behalf of the HR Hydro Committee

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Welcome Robert Leitch of Newmarket Chapter!

Robert Leitch’s   membership application has been accepted by the HR Board of Directors.
He is a member of the Newmarket Chorus.  On behalf of everybody here at Harmony Ranch, welcome, Robert  and his spouse, Wanda Rivet along with their son Ryan who will be residing on Lot #85, Riverside    Stop by and say hello when you get a chance.

Their other information is as follows:
Robert Leitch and Wanda Rivet
579 Pinder Ave
Newmarket, Ontario L3X 2A4
Phone # 905-895-0884
Cell # 289-338-2569
Email bob.leitch@…
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2013 Toronto: Barbershop Harmony Society 75th Anniversary

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